Fall is in the air in Southern Ontario. The leaves are turning and there is a real feel of change in the air. 2017 has been an interesting ride with pending federal changes to Canada’s Cannabis Laws. 2018 will be interesting as we embark on a more just and equitable system of cannabis regulation. This new system has the potential to balance the safety of vulnerable people and the liberty of adults to self medicate with cannabis. There is still some debate as to whether legalization is a good thing, or if it will benefit small business and communities, or if it is only going to produce huge profits for stock markets and governments. I know there will be some growing pains, I am pleased to see a careful planning and a concerted effort to produce a just, and equitable system of cannabis regulation that cannot be undone overnight by the whims of a new government.

As things change, Homegrown is ready to change along with our country, to promote, safe, secure sensible cannabis production by individuals. We are announcing a new retail partner in Downtown Toronto Kensington Market. Pairing with the iconic Hot Box Café/Roach-a-Rama, one of the oldest cannabis friendly cafés, Hot Box Homegrown will offer indoor and outdoor specialty garden products to the urban community. We are proud to partner with such a knowledgeable and friendly crew who will support their community and promote safe cannabis cultivation.

Homegrown Headquarters has undergone a huge renovation to open more retail space and showcase more product displays. This Sunday Oct. 22nd will be a great day to come down and check out the changes and enjoy an afternoon of fun, food and learning. We are hosting our 7th Annual Homegrown Expo featuring seminars, experts and big discounts on the entire store. Be sure to get here early for the gift bag filled with samples, swag and literature on new products.

I have been honored to accept speaking engagements at many of this year’s cannabis events like Lift Cannabis Expo and the O’Cannabiz Conference in Toronto and later this fall at the Grow Up Conference in Niagara and our own 7th annual Homegrown Expo in Toronto. You may have heard our local radio ad on INDIE88 about changing cannabis laws or saw my interviews on Toronto news outlets. Teaching the public about growing plants, especially cannabis is a passion for me and any time I can pass on knowledge about this amazing plant and its unique traits gives me great pleasure.

As a proponent for safe, secure and sensible cannabis cultivation, Homegrown is becoming a leading voice for the legalization movement. We are proud to help ordinary citizens access their fundamental rights to grow and use cannabis to improve their quality of life. Call 1 (800) INFO GRO to speak to me about your plans or ideas about home growing.


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