Gardening indoors is a great way to enjoy growing plants without needing a big backyard or the right climate. Bringing your garden inside can seem complicated but it is simple when you use a self contained space like a grow tent. There are many advantages to using a grow tent so let’s see why they are so popular.

Grow tents have a rigid frame surrounded by a cloth material lined with a reflective interior. With zippers to access the area, ventilation and electrical ports already installed, assembly is quick and easy. Simply build the structure and zip the material around the frame. With the grow tent in place, lights can be hung from the upper cross bars as well as other accessories like an exhaust fan and charcoal filter.

Grow tents have a degree of security to them as well. For those who grow legal medical plants, a grow tent can be tucked away out of sight, emitting no smell or light to give away its presence. Compared to the outdoors where there is less control against animals, pests and humans. Use a carbon scrubber attached to your exhaust fan to eliminate all odor emissions from the tent.

The main equipment that you need for your grow tent would be the proper amount of light for the space, an exhaust fan and your garden. You can use potting soil in simple containers, or use a more hydroponic garden to achieve greater results. The exhaust fan will bring in fresh air with CO2 from the vents and remove heat and humidity keeping your plants in a perfect environment.

A minimum of 20 watts of lighting per square foot of garden is required, and 40 watts per square foot is better. Use low heat lighting like LED or fluorescent grow lights to lower your need to cool the tent with an exhaust fan. If you put more power or hotter lights in your tent, be prepared to increase the ventilation to keep the garden cool. You can use high intensity lights like HPS with an air cooled reflector and venting hot exhaust air away from the tent outside or to another part of the house. Always ask your local hydroponic shop or send us an email if you have questions about equipment.

A grow tent is the easy choice for your indoor garden. See our new complete kits that contain everything required for your first crop!

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