It’s high summer in the Northern Hemisphere, so are your plants getting enough nutrition? For outdoor gardeners and indoor cultivators alike, plant nutrition is a vital component to success. Use the right complete fertilizer and your plants will reward you with vigorous and robust growth. DN nutrients are the best value to get the latest in plant growth enhancement products.

Your plant uses light for food, and CO2 in the air as building blocks. What role then does plant fertilizer play? The fertilizer provides the small amount of elements that are required to build the cells and DNA. Elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N*P*K) are used in large quantities and they are what is present in common powder fertilizers. These common fertilizers do not contain more than the basic NPK and are like junk food for plants. Plants also use Calcium Magnesium and Sulfur in large quantities. To give your plants a boost, use a fertilizer that provides complete nutrition down to the micro elements.

Specialty hydroponic fertilizer products like Dutch Nutrient A/B contain the proper balance of all required elements in a plant available form. These products are known as base fertilizers because they form the basic fertilizer compounds that your plant needs.  Plants need more than just three elements, and use many more elements in trace amounts. DN base fertilizers contain the exact balance of micro nutrients which cause plants to exhibit explosive growth.

Beyond the nutrition component of fertilizers, your plants can benefit from the addition of other organic compounds that are not fertilizers. Modern fertilizer products like DN use humic and fulvic acid which improve the plants movement and uptake of nutrient. B-Vitamins enhance resistance to stress like heat, cold or drought. Carbohydrates increase beneficial fungi and bacteria growth that improve root function and disease resistance. Plant derived amino acids, cytokinins, and other natural organic compounds stimulate cell division, or what we see as growth. Experts around the world agree that the DN products used according to the Feeding Schedule are unmatched for value and quality.

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