by Cindy R

In previous articles we have explored various types of sex!  Now don’t rush out to find the pornographic back issues of seed catalogues.  If you weren’t fortunate enough to have read the articles we were talking about plant sex!  (Exciting if you’re a grower but not too sexy if you’re expecting porn!)

Sexual reproduction, the germination and propagation of a seed, and asexual reproduction or cloning are two excellent procreation methods used for plant duplication.

We have successfully created a proliferation of new plant material either from seed or cuttings.  Our objective now is to keep the plants healthy and productive in a hydroponic environment. A healthy root zone and strong pest resistant vegetation will help to produce an abundance of flowers and fruit.

Plants are what they eat, therefore the nutrient solution you feed them plays a very important role in determining the success of your crop. There are twenty mineral elements that are essential to plant growth. Years of studying these elements have led researchers to hydroponics by combining these water soluble nutrients in specific amounts to meet various plant’s needs.

Mineral Elements

Macronutrients are required in large amounts
Carbon C Component of all organic compounds
Oxygen O supplied by air & water
Hydrogen H Basic building block of hydrocarbons
Nitrogen N Part of chlorophyll, amino acids, proteins
Phosphorus P Used in photosynthesis and almost all aspects of growth
Potassium K Activates enzymes, used in formation of sugar and starch
Calcium Ca Used in cell growth and division, part of cell wall
Magnesium Mg Part of chlorophyll, activates enzymes
Sulfur S Part of amino acids and proteins

Base nutrients are the most important nutrient choice with your plants.

Two part formulas work better than one part formulas. In one part, there are many agents in the formula that cause build ups and especially in hydroponics systems will lead to clogged tubing. With two part formulas, the agents are not present as they are not necessary. This also means that the nutrients are made more readily available for the plants to intake.

Also be sure to look for a nutrient with no dyes or additives. These are not beneficial for your plants and can often do more damage than good.  From our testing, we have found that Dutch Nutrient Formula takes care of all the plants needs in the healthiest way…remember…they are what they eat!

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