Join us at the Homegrown Expo 2018 on Sunday, October 21st from 11am to 4pm at 26 Meteor Drive, Toronto, Ontario. You will get free stuff, win door prizes, enjoy free samples, food and fun! We look forward to seeing you!

Speaker List

11:40 pm … Grodan Rockwool Products

Lena Barfod – The Rockwool Group

12:00 pm … Sunmaster HID Lighting

Steve Stockdale – Venture Lighting

12:30 pm … Moxybustion Demonstration

Alemiyu Mason

12:45 pm … Laughter the Best Medicine

Cathy Nesbitt – Cathy’s Crawley Composters

1:00 pm … Abi Roach – Special Guest Speaker

Cannabis Activist and Owner of Hotbox Homegrown Hydroponics

1:30 pm … Rosin Press Demonstration

Alex Rea – Homegrown Hydroponics Inc.

2:00 pm … The Medicine Wheel

Linda Rose – Black River Gatehouse

2:30 pm … Chemical Avoidance for Healthy Living

Georgia Rea

2:45 pm … Biological Control

Stacy Hickman – Natural Insect Control

3:15 pm … CBD Revolution

Jessica Rea, Herbalist – Phytomedical

3:30 pm … Ozone Air Purification

Nathan Cantankier – Uvonair

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