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Try Our Range of Growth Nutrients to Grow Your Garden

After you set up your light and garden, you are ready for the next step. Adding water and nutrients!

For many this can be the most confusing part of hydroponic gardening as there are thousands of different companies and products competing against each other.

To make things easier for you, we at Homegrown are here to help.

Complete is the Only Way to Grow!

When using a hydroponic grow media or hydroponic method, you will need to use a ‘complete’ hydroponic specialty nutrient. Plants in nature get their fertilizer from the decomposition of leaf litter and other organic matter which is then turned into a plant available nutrient by bugs and microbes. In hydroponics, there is need for this complicated and smelly process. In hydroponics, we deliver a completely plant available fertilizer to the roots, giving the plant all it needs for the fastest growth.

Complete is the Only Way to Grow!


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